PRICE IS PER RETURN* Please select your number of returns
30 Minimum

Conduct a thorough examination of tax return
files as per the guidelines outlined in the audit
Perform analytical procedures and substantive
tests to assess the accuracy and compliance of
the tax return information.
Document all findings, discrepancies, and any
evidential matter discovered during the audit.
Engage in clear communication with tax office
personnel to gather necessary information or
clarify any uncertainties.
Draft a preliminary audit report detailing
findings and providing recommendations for
Review the audit plan and provide guidance to
the Auditor throughout the audit process.
Assess the accuracy, completeness, and
compliance of the audit findings with the
relevant tax laws and regulations.
Review the draft audit report, providing
constructive feedback and ensuring that all
necessary areas have been covered
Approve the finalized audit report before
submission to the concerned authorities.
Act as a liaison between the Auditor and senior
management, ensuring all parties are updated
on the audit progress and findings.


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